Are you looking to share your opinion on Dungeons and Dragons or are you interested in bringing your project or writing to a wider audience?

Half-Cover is always looking for contributors and we would love for you to join our community of diverse authors who care about quality and collaboration.

Who are Contributors?

Contributors are the heart and engine of Half-Cover. They are individuals who submit content either individually or collaboratively with other team members.  Everyone on the Half-Cover team (from the Editor-in-Chief to the newest member) is a contributor and submits content to the site.

As contributors, we work together to produce content about playing pretend Dungeons and Dragons, whether that is advice on roleplaying, analysis of mechanics, or reviews of third-party books.

Our goal is not to have one singular voice, but a group of authors who respond, challenge or build off of one another between blog articles or other projects.

At the same time, we also try to avoid taking ourselves too seriously. After all, we are writing about random dice rolls, paladins, and orcs here.

What kind of content can I submit?

Half-Cover is first and foremost a blogging site. Therefore, as a contributor you are expected to author blog articles or collaborate with other contributors to write articles.

That being said, contributors have a voice on the direction of our site. They can always propose new sections of the site or submit other types of content for the Editorial Board to review.

We are also always looking for new and exciting projects. These site projects can be guides to campaign books or entire campaigns settings. They can also go beyond the written word such as podcasts, comics, or web tools.

How much do I need to submit?

The amount of content you need to submit depends on the amount of commitment you want to make to the site. With more commitment comes more privileges but also more responsibilities.

  • Basic Contributors: A basic contributor is required to submit content at least once every three months (four times a year). As a basic contributor, you can write on your own time and you are not placed on the publication schedule beforehand (meaning no strict deadlines).  However, you are required to submit proposals/pitches to the Editorial Board prior to writing your articles. Likewise, your content will be reviewed by the Editorial Board when time allows.
  • Regular Contributors: A regular contributor is required to submit content at least once a month (12 times a year). As a regular contributor, you are the lifeblood of the site and help us to make sure the weekly posting schedule is met. You will be able to negotiate deadlines with the Editorial Board. You will also have a direct hand in planning the schedule every month. Similarly, your content gets preferential treatment by the Editorial Board.

There are some exceptions to these requirements. However, a prior arrangement with the Editor-in-Chief is required.

Can I post what I submit to other sites?

Yes. Half-Cover does not declare ownership over your content.We only seek the non-exclusive  rights to use and publish your content. This means you are free to do what you like with your writing whether that is submitting to another site or hosting it on your own blog.

You can read more on our Editorial Policies page.

Who are you looking for?

We are looking for individuals with the following requirements.

  • People with Free Time: Since all contributor positions are volunteer based, we are primarily looking for individuals that are good at task management and can fit the task of writing something in their busy schedules.
  • D&D Lovers: Our blog is entirely dedicated to the 5th Edition of D&D and tabletop roleplaying. If you absolutely hate D&D, this might not be the blog or community for you.
  • Collaborators: As a contributor, you submit content to the Editorial Board for revision. As well, you will sometimes co-author with other contributors to produce content. Therefore, you need to enjoy collaborating or are at least okay with receiving feedback from others.
  • English speakers: All blogs on our site are published in English. Our Editorial Board is not fluent in any other language (“omelette du fromage?”) nor does any caster in our party prepare the Tongues spell.
  • Trained Writers or Eager Learners:  We seek individual with strong English writing skills or a willingness to learn. Of course, we welcome new bloggers or those who don’t have that much writing experience. If we like your content, we will try to help you cross the finish line. All we ask is that you follow our writing guidelines, respectfully take feedback from our editors, and learn from your mistakes.
  • Discord and Google Docs Users: We need people who are willingly to use the Discord voice and text chat application and has a Google Account. Our team communicates and collaborates through these tools. If you are new to them, we can definitely give you information about the two programs.
  • Legal Adults: For legal reasons, we require you to be at least 18 years old. Nothing against children, we just don’t want to babysit or watch our language.
  • Memelords (Optional): Self explanatory.

Submit an Application

Use the field below to explain what you want to contribute to Half-Cover and why? There is no limit to how much you can enter below and this field will be used to determine if you will be approved or not.


You may provide up to two links to any homebrew or blog posts you have created in the past to showcase the quality you expect to bring. These fields are optional. Half-Cover does not require you to provide examples.

Half-Cover makes use of a Discord server to discuss revisions and drafting as well as receive notices about new replies and drafts in the private forum. We require all contributors to be able to participate within the Discord.

Before you submit an application to become a contributor, you should be aware of, and fully read the Contributor Policies.