Half-Cover is always open to having more contributors join our team of diverse authors who care about quality and collaboration.

Who are Contributors?

Contributors are the heart and engine of Half-Cover. They are individuals who submit content either individually or collaboratively with other team members.  Everyone on the Half-Cover team (from the Editor-in-Chief to the newest member) is a contributor and submits content to the site.

As contributors, we work together to produce content about playing pretend Dungeons and Dragons, whether that is advice on roleplaying, analysis of mechanics, reviews of third-party books or entire campaign settings.

Our goal is not to have one singular voice, but a group of authors who respond, challenge or build off of one another.

At the same time, we also try to avoid taking ourselves too seriously. After all, we are writing about random dice rolls, paladins, and orcs here.

Please like memes.

Submit an Application

Use the field below to explain what you want to contribute to Half-Cover and why? There is no limit to how much you can enter below and this field will be used to determine if you will be approved or not.


You may provide up to two links to any homebrew or blog posts you have created in the past to showcase the quality you expect to bring. These fields are optional. Half-Cover does not require you to provide examples.

Half-Cover makes use of a Discord server to discuss revisions and drafting as well as receive notices about new replies and drafts in the private forum. We require all contributors to be able to participate within the Discord.

Before you submit an application to become a contributor, you should be aware of, and fully read the Contributor Policies.