It is getting to the end of the year, which means those of us at Half-Cover wish all of our readers a Happy Holidays and an awesome New Year!

Since we will be gathering around the Festivius Pole and airing our grievances about each other next weekend, we felt it would be best to end our 2017 blog schedule this week.

Unfortunately though, that means we won’t have a new blog post until January 6, 2018. (Scary to say 2018, isn’t it?)

Don’t worry though, this hiatus will be a working vacation. During this “time off” as the Editor-in-Chief likes to call it, we will be laboring hard to revamp the site’s design and many of the site’s information pages to match Half-Cover’s new focus on blogging.  Here is just a quick overview of what we will be working on:

New Homepage. We will have a brand new homepage layout that will be dynamic and cater to blog readers.

New Blog Pages. We will be working on some new features for the blog. Likewise, we will be redesigning a whole new look for article pages, the blog archive, topic tags, and much more.

Contributor Policies. We will update the information about becoming a contributor to match our current needs and hopes for the site. Additionally, we will update our internal documents, like our blog editing guidelines, so we can work even faster and more efficiently next year.

New Blogs. Lastly, we will be writing — lots of it. We hope to expand into new series, write new reviews, and cover new topics while also never missing a publishing date. We did really well this year and did not miss a single week since our site went live in September. We hope to keep that effort up and this hiatus will make sure we accomplish that and keep our sanity.

Thanks everyone for supporting us through these first four months. The site has changed and grown a lot so far: we have gained contributors, we have expanded our blog coverage, and we succeeded in ways we never imagined even a few months back. We hope to continue this growth for the months and years to come.

See you in 2018…