Excerpt from the Sandswept Diary by an Unknown Author

Divided, humanity will forever drift as we start to forget what it is we are drifting from. I will die, isolated and lost to the annals of mankind.

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All of the fragments that can be found across the Kingdom have a particular type of zoning applied to them. This zoning classifies what sort of activities or business can be had upon the fragment. There are seight classifications of zones, they are: Agricultural, Extraction, Frontier, Industrial, Recreational, University, Urban, and Wild. This section will explain these fragments, and list what known fragments fall into this section.

Reading Location Data

Each location has an array of information on it, in addition to its description and people. While this information isn’t especially complicated, this brief section will explain what all of the information means.

Identification. This is the unique identification of the fragment that is tied to birth records and maps. While the prefix of a fragments identification may change as it becomes re-zoned, the numerical value of the fragment is static. Some databases may exclude leading zeroes from an ID’s number. One might expect fragments are numbered as they are discovered, in actuality, they are generally numbered arbitrarily though smaller numbers are often reserved for fragments that are expected to have greater purpose. Numbers are never reused in the event that a fragment is abandoned. The exception is astral vessels and stations. These two use identifications that are unique and apart from fragments and each other. Simply put, a number may be shared between an astral vessel, a fragment, and an astral station.

Location. This is the Cluster that the fragment is tethered to. The sub-items of the location will state the number of astral miles to the center of it’s cluster, as well as to the Bastion. Some fragments my list the distance to a second cluster that the fragment is not tethered to – this is done when the fragment borders two clusters.

Salary Average. This gives a general overview of the wealth of a fragment by looking at the average income. This value can be used to generally determine the quality of life the people of the fragment live. Due to wealth divides, there is often people greatly above and below this average.

Population. This is the number of people that are listed as residents of the fragment, it also includes the density within the parenthesis.

Area. This is the total surface area of the fragment or the useable ground on an astral station/vessel.

Time & Season. The fragments are very commonly suspended and unchanging, forever stuck at high noon or within the thick of winter. These two will state what the fixed time of day or season the fragment is within.

Biome. This will state the type of environment that fragment is home to. Generally this in combination with the time and season information can be used to pinpoint accurate weather data for the fragment.

Agricultural Fragments

Agricultural fragments are ones that have an abundance of fertile land. As such, they are zone only for the growth and production of food for the Kingdom. Agricultural fragments are prefixed with AG on identification documents.

Extraction Fragments

Extraction fragments are home to a large volume of natural resources, whether that is iron ore, wood, or arcana crystal. These fragments are zoned for the collection of the valued resource to be shipped out across the Kingdom. It is common for extraction fragments to be rezoned into Industrial, and sometimes urban fragments once all of the resources are depleted. Extraction fragments are prefixed with EX on identification documents

  • EX – 079: Amethyst

Frontier Fragments

Frontier fragments are fragments that either have potential to become something great, or are home to a small sub-sect of humanity. These fragments have a small population are are in need of corporate or government sponsors to help develop the fragment. It is very common for people to require specialized Astral ships to travel to and from a frontier fragment, as there is rarely an astral dock, and almost never an Artery. Frontier fragments are prefixed with FR on identification documents.

  • FN – 092: Osmose

Industrial Fragments

Industrial fragments are similar to urban fragments, in that that terrain of the fragment itself is often useless. This makes them good places to set up industrial buildings and factories. Often this will create the need for new trade routes and urban fragments to quickly follow the trade-ways. Industrial fragments will have residences for the employees, and ship in the needed supplies from elsewhere. Industrial fragments are prefixed with IN on identification documents

  • IN – 024: Pryto

Recreational Fragments

Recreational fragments are wide are varied in their applicable use. In a macro view, they are fragments whose purpose is to provide people with entertainment or relaxation from their daily lives. These fragments could be nature reserves with guided tours and beaches, massive amusement parks, or resorts and casinos. Recreational fragments are prefixed with RE on identification documents.

  • RE – 003: Dusk
  • RE – 013: Disni

University Fragments

University fragments are small fragments that have a university on it. The fragment does house people and have businesses, however, the whole fragment is there to support the education of the universities students. In contrast, Colleges are educational facilities, often privately run, found within urban fragments to provide a basic or niche education. Universities are fully funded by the government, however, they are quite picky with entrants. Less than one percent of people will attend a university in their lifetime. University fragments are prefixed with UN on identification documents.

  • UN – 002: Ivy
  • UN – 011: Circuit

Urban Fragments

Urban fragments have no real purpose from a geographic perspective, however they are often in desirable locations to create a base of operations for Humanity. Urban fragments are home to corporate headquarters, government offices, and all manner of other bureaucratic types of jobs. They are often heavily populated and have large residential districts. Urban fragments are prefixed with UB on identification documents.

Wild Fragments

Wild fragments are fragments that have no permanent human presence of them, but are still known. These are often fragments that require a survey to determine it what possible use it will have, or have environmental hazards that make it unsuitable to permanent residence. Wild fragments are prefixed with W on identification documents.

  • W – 057: Fire Stone

Astral Stations

Astral stations are large docking bays that float within astral space. The government is the only entity to possess any astral stations. The stations act as the home of high ranking military officers in addition to the Astral Corps. Astral stations are prefixed with BT on identification documents.

Originally all stations were called ‘Bastions’ however that was changed for stations be named after their home cluster, leaving The Bastion as the only non-cluster defined station.

Astral Vessels

Astral vessels are any large astral ships that are the permanent residence or birth place of a large amount of people: these are most often super freighters. As such, not every astral ship has a unique identification code within a location database. Astral vessels are prefixed with AV on identification documents.

  • AV – 163: Amadeus Corporation: The Clio
  • AV – 165: Amadeus Corporation: The Thalia

Any person who was born in astral space, or resides in astral space outside of one of these vessels will be have the appropriate documents labeled as AV-000.