Identification: UB – 20

Location: Slag Cluster
To the Slag Station: 600 Astral Miles
To the Bastion: 2400 Astral Miles

Salary Average: ¢ 1000
Population: 29,825,000 (63,865.82 / miles2)
Area: 467 square miles* (1210 square kilometers)
Time: Night
Season: Spring
Biome: Boreal City
*This is only the area of Centrum Proper

Charlena Yueh, Convicted Terrorist

Never have I felt more alone than when I was surrounded by the sweating hurried masses of Centrum.

The Centrum fragment is the most populous fragment in the Kingdom. While described as one fragment, the Centrum fragment, as it currently exists, is actually a network of fragments connected together by the Astral Rail. The largest of these fragments, known as Centrum Proper, is truly an urban fragment and littered with high-rises, skyscrapers and warehouses. The dozens of sub-fragments surrounding Centrum Proper are all connected by tram and are leased to companies to function as industrial fragments that employ the fragment’s citizens.

Originally Centrum was all one large fragment. Back then, the fragment was unlisted and not even officially recorded. History tells of a group of Divergent cultists that acquired a powerful, and evil, historical relic, one that had the power of destruction. The cultists came to this fragment and used the relic to shatter the fragment apart as a test of their power. However, the Vanguard lead by the Inquisition managed to stop the cultists and secure the ancient relic within the Royal Archives.

Centrum is infamous for the sheer number of people that reside on it. So many people live on the fragment that city lots are often zoned for multiple activities with warehouses, apartments, and factories sometimes only divided by floors. This multi-zoning creates major wealth inequality with the poor relegated to basement bunkers far beneath the city’s streets and the rich living in penthouses atop skyscrapers and using astral-fragment hybrid vessels to travel across Centrum without encountering the masses. For this reason, riots are commonplace with several Unity Corps landing parties being permanently based on the fragment with their own sub-fragment as a barracks.

Sub Locations