Identification: UB – 1

Location: Crown Cluster
To the Crown Cluster Center: 200 Astral Miles
To the Bastion: 300 Astral Miles

Salary Average: ¢ 1600
Population: 2,650,000
Area: 70 square miles (181 square kilometers)
Time: Day
Season: Summer
Biome: Desert City

Chadwick from Love and Providence by S.A. Wilkens

Akin to a ley line, my dear, my heart will always be bound to Solis.

This small fragment is home to the center of humanity: the Shining Palace, home of the Eight Families, you can read about the political system here. The palace and its associated manor houses and gardens take up a sixth of the fragments area and is located directly within the center of the fragment. From there, the city is divided into numerous rings radiating outwards to the very edges of the fragment. Generally, the closer a building is to the palace, the more it is well off and important.

The fragment is constantly at mid-day with the sun looming directly over the Shining Palace. This creates a unique effect where almost every long wide boulevard in Solis is shrouded in darkness as the taller and more impressive skyscrapers and government buildings closer to the city’s center block the light, leaving the poor on the fragment’s edge to reside in the shadows. As well, the fragment is commonly assaulted with astral dust storms, these storms reduce visibility greatly, however the neon signs of the buildings will shine through The large buildings help mitigate the effect of these storms on the central rings of the city.

While the fragment is home to some corporations and small businesses, it is largely a government epicenter with over 60% of the employed population working directly for the government. Most central bureaucracies and ministries are headquarters on the fragment with their offices being larger than several city blocks. Likewise, almost every business or organization of importance has at least a small office that acts as their crown office to handle federal tasks and represent them within Solis.