The Minotaur Awards is an (occasionally) annual celebration of the best Dungeon and Dragons blogs. Three tiers of awards are given out, Gold, Silver, and Bronze, and candidates are selected by an international committee of (possibly) renowned judges.

The selection process is a rigorous and biased game of drunk darts, which can become extremely competitive, especially when one site dominates the entire dart board. The winners are determined after the final round of drunk darts, where the judges will throw aside the original results of the darts game and hand-pick the winner when they are sufficiently intoxicated.

The Minotaur awards have a long history (originating sometime in 2017). This year, Half-Cover humbly accepted the opportunity to host the award ceremony and distribute the awards. Since then no other awards have been distributed and it is possibly no award will ever be distributed again. Thus, Half-Cover celebrates the Minotaur Award as a rare and treasured achievement.

2018 Minotaur Awards Website Submissions

Half-Cover does not accept website submissions for the Minotaur Awards. Nominees are selected through a special secret-ballot voting process among (preferably drunk) reward committee members. If you have any questions regarding this process of submission or the fairness of its selection, please leave.

Minotaur Award recipients by year

2017 Gold Minotaur Award.No Recipient
2017 Silver Minotaur Award.Half-CoverBest D&D Blog
2017 Bronze Minotaur Award.“Do Not Use” SignNot being removed before the game.
2017 Honorary MentionWallReceiving most points in dart round, but disqualified for improper submission paperwork.