What is Half-Cover?

Half-Cover is a community of Dungeon and Dragons fan who love to theorize, debate, and teach others on how to properly play pretend.

Founded in 2017, we are a team of authors who publish weekly blog articles dedicated to D&D 5th Edition. We also host site projects, homebrew content, web resources, and other goodies created by our contributors.

What do you hope to do?

Our goal is to entertain you while having fun.

We also aspire to build a team of authors with varying opinions, beliefs, and experiences. In a sense, we do not desire a singular voice for our blog. We instead try to bring you different content every week that explores a new way of thinking about your favorite hobby.

Can I contribute to Half-Cover?

We are always looking for new team members. If you are interested in contributing, read our Become a Contributor page for more information.

Why Half-Cover?

In order to explain why you should use Half-Cover we need to begin with the fundamentals.

  • A Shield provides a +2 bonus to your armor class, while requiring proficiency, a hand to use, and time to don and doff.
  • Half-Cover provides a +2 bonus to your armor class and your dexterity saving throws, while not requiring proficiency, a hand to use, nor any time to don or doff.

However, if the mere objective mechanics alone will not convince you, consider the fact that Half-Cover provides a place for a wide array of authors to share their opinions as well as host their projects. It has something for dungeon masters or player alike.

So abandon your shield, and join us behind this conveniently placed rock.

Our Team


Editor in Chief
Discord: arilianis#4318

I am a professional Web Developer working out of Canada who happens to have a deep love of Dungeons and Dragons and roleplaying.


Discord: Sir Michael#6083

I am a professional writing consultant and freelance copy editor who loves history, creative writing, and tabletop roleplaying. I also volunteer at a local museum to help with collections and curation.


Discord: DarthDiscord#3992

I've been playing D&D since 3,5 edition, skipped 4th, and am currently loving 5th, it's my favorite edition by far. I am addicted to 5th edition, and despite all my other hobbies (video games, reading, etc) I always am constant with D&D



I'm a recent graduate in 3D Modelling. I love games, I love breaking things, and I love to tell stories and take part in them!



Emergency medicine doc in Virginia. Lover of most things nerdy. Enemy of most sport things.