Many items are listed under a license heading. Without the stated license, you are unable to effectively use the item. Possessing any item without the matching license is illegal, and the item is likely to not work as well as one would hope.

The below table lists the available licenses, the cost to receive the licence, and the time it takes to gain the licence.

Weapon Class IWC – I150 ¢30 hours
Weapon Class IIWC – II250 ¢50 hours
Weapon Class IIIWC – III400 ¢80 hours
Weapon Class IVWC – IV600 ¢120 hours
Weapon Class VWC – V850 ¢180 hours
Armor Class IAC – I150 ¢30 hours
Armor Class IIAC – II250 ¢50 hours
Armor Class IIIAC – III400 ¢80 hours
Armor Class IVAC – IV600 ¢120 hours
Bio Integration IBI – I100 ¢20 hours
Bio Integration IIBI – II175 ¢30 hours
Bio Integration IIIBI – III375 ¢60 hours
Bio Integration IVBI – IV700 ¢90 hours
MAGI IMG – I175 ¢45 hours
MAGI IIMG – II500 ¢100 hours
Vehicle – Fragment IVF – I125 ¢30 hours
Vehicle – Fragment IIVF – II250 ¢45 hours
Vehicle – Fragment IIIVF – III425 ¢60 hours
Vehicle – Astral IVA – I250 ¢40 hours
Vehicle – Astral IIVA – II425 ¢60 hours
Vehicle – Astral IIIVA – III775 ¢100 hours
Vehicle Weapons IVW – I175 ¢25 hours
Vehicle Weapons IIVW – II625 ¢90 hours
First Aid IFA – I50 ¢20 hours
First Aid IIFA – II125 ¢30 hours
Explosives IEX – I175 ¢30 hours
Explosives IIEX – II425 ¢55 hours
Explosives IIIEX – III950 ¢110 hours
Technical ITC – I125 ¢20 hours
Technical IITC – II300 ¢40 hours
Technical IIITC – III725 ¢70 hours
Medical IMD – I175 ¢30 hours
Medical IIMD – II350 ¢45 hours
Medical IIIMD – III1,000 ¢110 hours
Phasing IPH – I200 ¢40 hours
Phasing IIPH – II425 ¢90 hours
Phasing IIIPH – III1,150 ¢180 hours
Poison IPS – I100 ¢30 hours
Poison IIPS – II275 ¢40 hours
Poison IIIPS – III650 ¢80 hours
Surveillance ISV – I75 ¢15 hours
Surveillance IISV – II175 ¢30 hours
Surveillance IIISV – III425 ¢60 hours
Stealth ISL – I150 ¢25 hours
Stealth IISL – II325 ¢45 hours
Stealth IIISL – III700 ¢75 hours
Construct ICO – I225 ¢30 hours
Construct IICO – II725 ¢80 hours
Construct IIICO – III2,250 ¢250 hours

Gaining Licenses

You can gain a license by attending a licensing facility that teaches the related license. There are few schools that can teach everything, for instance, a drivers academy likely only teaches vehicle related licenses. Once you find a licensing facility you must pay the cost for the license in order to take the licensing course. The cost takes a number of classroom hours as listed in the above table. These classroom hours are often at specific times, based on when an instructor is available.

Alternatively, some facilities on larger fragments may have terminals that a user can connect into and learns the course work through a virtual reality, in these cases, the user learns at their own pace. However, such facilities may charge more for a license than the standard market rate.

Beyond 1st level. If you are creating a character beyond the first level, you may want to start with additional licensing, instead of just the ones your class begins with. You can purchase licenses with your starting wealth, the cost is the cost of the license, plus an additional 5 credits for each hour the license requires. As well, you can purchase a partial amount of hours and begin the game with partial training for that license, this still would require paying the base licensing cost.

Armor Integration. Many devices are listed as being integrated. A character’s armor only has a number of slots based on the armor type. Light or Unarmored creatures have 3 slots, Medium armor provides 4 slots and heavy armor provides 5 slots of integration available, some devices use up more than 1 slot. When this is the case, the device will state the number of slots used in parentheses beside the integration. As well there are two types of integration: required and optional.

Required integration means that the device must be integrated into your armor, else it can not be effectively used in any capacity. Optional integration can be used while not integrated, but to do so may not provide the full benefits of the device. Each device will state what features only work while integrated.

Bio Modifications. Any device listed as a bio modification is integrated directly in your characters biology, meaning it can only be surgically removed, and are subtle in nature, requiring a DC 20 Perception roll to notice. A character that has bio modifications done to them can become unstable. Much like integrated devices use up armor slots, bio modifications use up your humanity.

A creature has a humanity equal to its Charisma and Constitution modifiers combined. Some devices use up more than 1 humanity. When this is the case, the device will state the number of slots used in parentheses beside the integration.

Distance. Unless stated otherwise, the distance you can be from a device to work is fragment wide, as an example, you will receive a sensor alert as long as you do not leave the fragment.


Life without luxury is not a life many people want to live. While luxury goods do not provide a person with any increased survivability or firepower against life threatening dangers, they provide perhaps something more valuable: comfort. You can invest money into better food, hobbies, or getting treated at a spa.

You can find all the luxuries listed across these pages: