Within Shadoweave there are hundreds of items and equipment available to use. Because of this, the items are broken up into different pages based on their mechanics, uses, or license requirement.

Below is a list of these pages broken into sections. The sections are based on what type of in-game activity or situation the item is most often used.

It’s important that you have read and understand how licensing works so you can know what objects are available to you.

Not all items require licenses, but many big or dangerous ones do.

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Bio Modifications

Bio-Modifications are devices that are designed to be implanted into living tissue (bone, organ, skin, etc.) to enhance your performance or give you new abilities.

Bio-modifications require a skilled surgeon to install them, adding adds another level of complexity to acquiring a bio-modification, and often, an additional cost.

A surgeon must have a Medical III License and a Bio License that is at the same level or higher than the required license for the bio-modification to be installed. In addition, The surgeon requires access to a fully stocked and sterile surgical room (typically through a hospital).

Bio-modifications are typically purchased from a hospital, and the cost to have it installed is 50 credits per hour for each bio-license level required of the modification.

Once a bio-modification is successfully implanted, you lose 1 humanity. The modification and the lost humanity are permanent unless you remove the implant and replace it with either another implant in the same location or an appropriate biological organ (artificial or natural) through surgery.

Malfunction. If a bio-modification is ever disabled, broken, or glitches in a way that prevents you from using it, it causes the device to malfunction. While the device is malfunctioning, you gain none of the benefits of the bio-modification. You also suffer the device’s malfunction effect, detailed within each bio-modification. If a medical device or other effect would cure the malfunction effect (such as a remedy curing an ailment), it instead suppresses the malfunction effect for a number of hours equal to your fortitude.

  • Chest. Bio modifications that are integrated into a persons chest. This includes the torso, heart, and other organs.
  • Head. Bio modifications that are integrated into a persons head. This includes eyes, mouth, and the brain.
  • Limbs. Bio modifications that are integrated into a persons legs. This includes thigh, shins, and feet.


  • Deployables. Handheld devices that when activated and deployed turn into constructs to perform specific tasks.
  • Drones. Drones are custom-built constructs that require a human controller to operate.


  • Energy & Storage. Energy and storage are objects that are used by other objects to provide power or store data, such as the battery or memory strand.
  • Networking & Security Programs. Networking & Security programs are program chips that are used to create, manage, defend and attack networks. Security programs are used in Virtual Combat.
  • Relay & DataFlow. Relay & DataFlow is a group of devices used to interact with or manage relays between devices, such as a relay, DataFlow analyzer, splicer, or decryptor.
  • Terminals. Terminals are devices that interact with networks, load programs, and save, manipulate, and delete data. They are the computers and cellphones of the Shadoweave setting. You can customize the size and features of your terminal.


  • Armor. This inlcudes all armors, including all cores, fibers, and power armors. This page explains armor stats and properties.
    • Armor List. This is the actual list of armor available.
  • Material Shields. Material shields are devices that help protect against lethal threats by taking damage for you.
  • Power Shields. Power shields are devices that help protect against lethal threats by deflecting attacks or providing unique defensive options.
  • Shells. Shells are devices that can be activated to provide an enhanced effect, such as enhanced speed, damage absorption, or environmental resistances.


  • Bugs & Sensors. Bugs and sensors are covert objects that are used to detect or stream experiential data and occasionally other types of data, such as audio, video, or olfactory data.
  • Disguises. Disguises are devices that help aid in keeping your identity hidden, such as facemorphs, bodymorphs, or vocal modulators.
  • CommTech. CommTech, or Communications Technology, is a group that includes devices that aid with long distance communications, such as transceivers, teleclairs, or claircatchers.
  • Infiltration. Infiltration is a collection of devices that are used to improve your ability to move or stay hidden, such as a MurWeb, LasCutter, or Noise Jammer.
  • Phasing. Phasing is a group of devices that are used to bend and warp reality around you.
  • Visors. Visors are a type of equipment worn around the head that provide advanced senses, such as night, thermal, or telescopic vision.


  • Enhancements. Enhancements are combat ready drugs used to enhance your performance, such as stimulents, ocular morphs, or adrenaline boosters.
  • First Aid. First aid is a collection of emergency response items that are used to keep people healthy and stable in the moment, such as bleed patches, stablizers, or heal injections.
  • MedTech. MedTech are objects used to help diagnose biological or magical effects, such as life signature scanners, poison detection, or curse detection.
  • Pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals are medical drugs that can be administered to help remedy lingering effects or to corrupt your biological imprints, such as curing ailments, mitigating addiction, or manipulating age. All pharmaceuticals also come in a street drug variety, these are usually cheaper and less effective.


  • Bombs. Bombs are mass destruction objects that can be built or purchased. You can customize a bomb in many different ways.
  • Explosives. Explosives are thrown grenades or planted charges that come in a variety of effects, such as ballistic, smoke, or magnetic.
  • Poisons. Poisons are dangerous toxins that can be crafted or purchased. You can customize many aspects of a poison, including the effect.
  • Weapons. This includes all weapons, both ranged and melee. This page explains weapon stats and properties.
    • Weapon List. This is the actual list of weapons available.

Items & Services

  • General Items. This group is composed of general objects and items without advanced uses, such as a flashlight or rope.
  • Luxury Items. Luxury items are any items that have minimal to no purpose outside of it’s comfort, such as jewelry or toys.
  • Luxury Services. Luxury services are services that can be purchased that is more vain than practical.