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A material shield is a chunk or panel of material that can be carried in order to mitigate damage from oncoming attacks. Material shields come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. However the amount of damage a material shield can mitigate is determined by its material composition, its thickness, and if the material went through a manufacturing process.

A material shield requires you to have a free hand and you must use an action to raise it for defense. Once you have done so, you have disadvantage on all attack rolls. If the material shield is improvised and the material was not manufactured to be used as a shield (such as using a door), the shield will require you to use two hands instead of only one.

A material shield is made up of multiple areas known as panels. Whenever you would take damage while you have a material shield raised, you can apply that damage to one panel on the shield, dealing the damage to the panel’s mitigation. If the mitigation is reduced to 0, any remaining damage is done to you.

If you apply non-targeted damage to a material shield (such as a ballistic grenade) the damage is applied to all panels. In this case, you would take the remaining damage from the panel that blocked the least damage.

There are two types of material shields: manufactured and improvised.

Improvised Material Shields

Improvised material shields are panels of material or objects that weren’t expressly manufactured to be used as a shield.

When determining the damage mitigation and weight of an improvised material shield, you can use the table below as a guide. Each material is assuming the shield has a surface area of 1 foot by 1 foot. When working with larger shields, the shield has a number of panels equal to its surface area in feet, rounded down (i.e. a 3 foot by 3 foot shield will have 9 panels).

For materials not listed, a comparable material from the table can be used or a custom amount of damage mitigation and weight can be determined at the GM’s discretion.

Wood1 (0.5 lb)2 (1 lb)5 (2 lbs)7 (4 lbs)+5 (+4 lbs)
Rock13 (2 lbs)6 (4 lbs)14 (8 lbs)26 (15 lbs)+18 (+15 lbs)
Metal16 (5 lbs)12 (10 lbs)25 (20 lbs)45 (40 lbs)+35 (+40 lbs)
Fiber5 (1 lb)10 (2 lbs)22 (4 lbs)36 (8 lbs)+28 (+8 lbs)
Monster Hide23 (0.5 lb)6 (1 lb)14 (2 lbs)26 (4 bs)+18 (+4 lbs)
1Metal and Rock shields provide disadvantage on all stealth rolls.
2Monster Hide is a catch all category for shields made from the cured hides of creatures such as a demon, hydra, troll, or other fantastical monster.

Manufactured Material Shields

Atrox Fiber Guard. The atrox fiber guard is the flagship material shield of the company. Made of reinforced fiber, it is available in three variations: Personal, Professional, and Riot-Proof.

Personal2206 lbs¢ 120
Professional32510 lbs¢ 225
Riot-Proof143018 lbs¢ 490
1Atrox riot-proof fiber guard has a special property when held by a creature wearing an atrox shocksuit or wearing a power armor that is also integrated with the atrox shock suit – any creature that hits the shield with a melee weapon, or attempts to disarm the shield, suffers an amount of damage equal to the shock damage of the shocksuit.

Mauser Gorgon. The mauser gorgon is a specialty shield that must be fitted onto a motorcycle and requires no hands to use. As an action, the pilot of the vehicle can raise the shield to protect them as they drive. The gorgon provides it’s defense to the pilot or passenger of the motorcycle. It is available in two variations: Basic and Reinforced.

Unlike a normal shield, the mauser gorgon protects the driver with a circular defense – with each panel taking up one 6th of the circle. These panels can be rotated while piloting the motorcycle.

Basic61880 lbs¢ 395
Reinforced628150 lbs¢ 735

Mauser Scale. The Mauser scale is a metal shield in the shape of a dragon’s scale with a sharpened base. It is available in three variations: White, Black, Red.

In addition to being a material shield, the mauser scale can be used to make a melee might attack roll. This attack roll is not made with disadvantage even if the shield is raised. This attack roll has a reach of 5 feet. On a hit, the target takes 2d4 piercing damage. This shield has the fleshrend weapon property.

White2154 lbs¢ 80
Black12205 lbs¢ 215
Red22257 lbs¢ 555
1Black shields deal 2d6 piercing damage. This shield requires a Weapon Class I license to purchase and own.
2Red shields deal 2d8 piercing damage. This shield requires a Weapon Class II license to purchase and own.

Seimono Laser Disk. The Seimono laser disk is a shield composed of polished, reflective synthetic material that is reinforced against laser projectiles. It is available in three variations: Compact Disk, Hard Disk, and Astral Disk.

Unlike other shields, this shield has an additional laser mitigation stat. All laser damage is done to the laser mitigation instead of the normal mitigation stat. Once either the mitigation or laser mitigation is reduced to 0, the panel breaks.

VariationPanelsMitigationLaser MitigationWeightCost
Compact Disk18706 lbs¢ 205
Hard Disk2155012 lbs¢ 370
Astral Disk122512055 lbs¢ 895
1Astral Disk only weighs 8 pounds in astral space, including astral stations and vessels.

Daggerr Outlander. The Daggerr outlander is a monster hide shield collected and cured by the company’s master hunters. It is available in three variations: Goblin, Troll, and Hydra.

Unlike other shields, each panel of the outlander recovers 1 mitigation every minute, unless it is reduced to 0 mitigation. Fire damage is doubled when striking the outlander shield.

Goblin3104 lbs¢ 195
Troll3206 lbs¢ 480
Hydra3308 lbs¢ 1,005