Before the Fragmentation of the Prime Material Plane, the Magical Weave was an innate, unseen web of arcane energy that existed everywhere and could be tapped by spell casters in order to cast spells. With the Fragmentation, however, the Weave was torn to shreds and the surviving strands were scattered across Astral Space. Although assembling the Weave again appears impossible, the Magic Acquisition and Guidance Implant (MAGI) allows a person to access a segment of the destroyed Weave. Since the Weave’s energy was theoretically limitless, the potential power output of a MAGI device is unknown and is possibly only limited by the knowledge and skill of its owner.

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Implanting a MAGI

A MAGI appears as a constantly flickering tube of luminous blue fiber. This object has a single strand of the Weave woven and trapped within it.

The MAGI is a bio-modification for a creature’s nervous system modification. Once integrated, the MAGI cannot be removed without killing the patient. The MAGI itself is very complex and dangerous to utilize. It requires a MAGI license I in addition to a Bio Integration license II in order to use.

While that is the only technical hurdle, other obstacles can also arise. Humanity is not able to mass produce and distribute a MAGI. Firstly, a physical remnant of the Weave needs to be unearthed, discovered, or otherwise found, as the strands cannot be created or withdrawn freely. Secondly, a Magi requires a highly skilled individual to build and develop the implant properly. Lastly, many MAGI are lost when the people who have them die in explosions or are lost in Astral Space. This all works together to keep the number of MAGI available, or even in use, quite low.

A person most commonly inherits a MAGI from a deceased relative or mentor. However, with the help of government grants interested in expanding MAGI use, a person can apply to purchase a MAGI for 2,000 credits, assuming one is available and the government deems the applicant’s conduct in good standing and their motivation for buying a MAGI within the interests of humanity. Some companies will offset this cost or even buy MAGI for employees in high ranking technical positions. Everyone who has received a MAGI are entered into a registry, and agree to a one-strike policy regarding felony actions: death penalty on first offence.

Some blackmarket surgeons may have MAGI’s available to purchase, the prices may be exorbitantly high, or the surgeon may request special services, such as a hit be performed.

In order for someone to be able to utilize a MAGI, it must be integrated into the spinal column of the creature. Once integrated into a person’s spinal column there are no safe removal methods: removing a MAGI will kill the person.

MAGI Rejection

Acquiring the MAGI and having the licenses required to use it is not the only issue in using a MAGI. Different people react differently to a MAGI. Before a MAGI is implanted at a hospital, the doctor will run tests to see how your body will react to a MAGI implant. The outcome of this test cannot be controlled, and is determined randomly. The results stay with a person for their whole life. Roll 2d10.

  • On a roll of 2 to 15 the person suffers from MAGI Rejection: If the MAGI is implanted into the person, they will die immediately.
  • On a roll 16 to 18, the person suffers from MAGI Vulnerability: If the magi is integrated into the person, they will lose an additional 2 humanity in addition of any other humanity loss from integrating the MAGI.
  • On a roll of 19 or higher, the person can safely have a MAGI integrated into them.

MAGI rejection is here to explain why, in general, the majority of the rich and powerful do not possess a MAGI – they are unable to have it implanted. When it comes to players wanting to have a MAGI implant, MAGI rejection shouldn’t be considered. If you wish to use this rule for your players, they should know right away where their character falls on the MAGI rejection results so they can build characters appropriately.

MAGI & Spells

Once a MAGI is implanted into you, your Humanity is reduced by 1 and you can use Mana to create strange and mystical effects out of nothing. These world altering effects are called Spells.

Spells are stored in special program chips, called spell chips. The chips are different from other program chips in that the circuits give off a translucent blue glow when a spell is installed into them.

All functional MAGI have 5 spell storage ports where spell chips can be inserted. They are located on the back of your neck and require an Awareness of 25 to notice.

As an action, you can insert a spell chip into any open spell storage port. After you have inserted a chip, there is a 5 minute installation process. If the process is completed without interruption, you gain the ability to cast the spell. If the process is interrupted, the spell chip ejects.

Spell chips that are successfully installed into your MAGI cannot be forcefully removed as long as you are alive. However, as an action, you can willingly eject any spell chips. If you eject a spell chip, you are unable to cast the spell and lose all knowledge on how to do so.

Spell chips can be purchased with spells already programmed into them or as blanks which allow for technicians and other professionals to program new spells. Once a spell has been written onto a spell chip, the chip cannot be wiped and restored to a blank state. However, it is possible for spell chips to become damaged or corrupted, making the use of them impossible and obscuring the spell installed.

If a spell chips are physically destroyed, a small arcane shockwave is released in a 1 foot radius. The shockwave does not damage objects or creatures but does produce a loud thundering noise.

Creating a Spell Chip

A character with adequate time and resources can attempt to program and develop a spell chip. This process is labor intensive and has some required equipment to attempt:

You must have a functional MAGI implanted
You must have a MAGI license equal to, or greater than the created spells
You require a MAGI Crafters tool kit
You require a blank spell chip, which costs 400 credits
You require a terminal with a coding application (e.g. Program Pal)

When you craft a spell chip, you must spend a number of hours equal to the manufacture DC attempting to code and develop the spell chip. At the end of the duration, you must make a Technology skill roll against the Manufacture DC. On a success, the spell chip is created, and on a failure the chip is defunct and of no use.