A drone is a special construct that allows for remote control. By itself, a drone is nearly worthless, a drone must be relayed into a handheld or terminal to allow for any control. Without someone controlling the drone, the drone will not act.  Drones are different from other constructs, in that they are custom built and purchased. Each drone is made up of 4 components:

  • The body size
  • The brand of the drone
  • The material of the drone
  • The attachments

Under-Licensed Use. If you attempt to pilot any drone that you do not have the license for, your inexperience makes it difficult. You cannot pilot any drone that you do not have the construct licensing for, and you can not use any attachments that you do not have the secondary licensing for.

Quicklinks: Body Size | Drone Brand | Drone Material | Drone Battery | Weight | Cost | Using a Drone | Drone Attachments

Body Size

The size of a drone is determined by its body size. The maximum and minimum size of a drone available to you is based on your construct licensing level.

  • Construct License I: You can purchase a small or medium drone.
  • Construct License II: You can purchase a tiny, small, medium, or large drone.
  • Construct License III: You can purchase any size of drone.

Each drone size has some innate properties and costs associated with it:

SizePrice ModifierWeightFortitudeDexterityArmor ClassHit PointsAttachment Ports
Diminutive× 31 lb2171962
Tiny× 1.59 lbs51518123
Small× 130 lbs91317164
Medium× 1.590 lbs131216205
Large× 2450 lbs15915326
Huge× 41,500 lbs17514547
Gargantuan× 84,000 lbs19213748

All drones have 0 Wisdom, Intelligence, and Charisma but automatically succeed on all related saving throws. The drone is only able to make fortitude and dexterity skill rolls, assuming it has attachments that make those skill rolls possible. The modifier for these rolls is equal to the drones related ability score – 10.

Drone Brand

The brand that a drone is made by has various effects on its potential. Each brand has a special property, and offers limited body sizes. You can purchase a drone from any of the following brands:

  • Automal: This drone is shaped and made of materials designed to look like a natural animal. It has a credibility score of 15, and creatures with an awareness less than this are unable to detect that the drone isn’t the animal.
  • Cinemech: The duration of this drone is able to last before draining a cell of energy from its battery is halved. The final price is reduced by 10%.
  • Mechani: This drone ignores the effects of intense heat, cold, and pressure. It is able to function fine at the bottom of an ocean or when submerged in lava.
  • Zumios: The duration this drone is able to last before draining a cell of energy from its battery is doubled.

Drone Material

A drone can be made from a variety of materials that determine its potential. The material also determines the base cost of your drone (this is detailed more under the cost section). The following materials are available:

MaterialFortitudeDexterityArmor ClassExplosive Reduction1WeightBase Cost
Light Metal– 3+ 2– 210× 0.5¢ 275
Standard15× 1¢ 200
Heavy Metal+ 2– 3+ 120× 2¢ 400
Mithril+ 1+ 4+ 330× 0.25¢ 1,750
Adamantine2+ 5+ 845× 5¢ 2,250
1 All damage caused by an explosive device is reduced by this amount.
2 Adamantine drones are immune to critical effects, and can not be used for drones smaller than Small.

Drone Battery

A drone requires a battery to operate. The size of the drone’s body determines the number of battery ports the drone has and what size of batteries it uses. Lastly, the duration this drone is able to last before draining a cell of energy from its battery is also determined by its size.

SizeBattery SizeBattery PortsDrain Interval
DiminutiveSmall110 minutes
TinySmall25 minutes
SmallMedium22 minutes
MediumMedium41 minute
LargeLarge430 seconds
HugeLarge818 seconds
GargantuanLarge126 seconds


The weight of a drone is determined by its body size and material. The formula is listed below:

  • Drone Price = Body Size Weight × Material Weight Multiplier


The cost of a drone is determined by its material, body size, and possibly brand. The formula is listed below:

  • Drone Price = Material Base Cost × Body Size Cost Multiplier

Once the price is determined, it can be modified by the brand if needed (i.e. Cinemech providing a 10% discount).

Using a Drone

In order to operate your drone, you must relay the drone to a handheld, terminal, or visor.

You can choose to operate your drone as an action. When you operate a drone on your turn, your awareness in regards to your surroundings is decreased by half until the start of your next turn. When you use the drone, you can have the drone move, perform an action, and perform a bonus action (if one is available). Drones can not take reactions.

When you are controlling a drone there are three ways you can perceive the drone’s actions and movements: you can physically perceive the drone with your own senses, you can see through the drone’s senses (if it has the appropriate bugs or sensors attached), or you can ghost control the drone through a bio-channel.

If you can perceive a drone with your senses, but can not see through the drone’s senses, you have disadvantage on all attack rolls and skill rolls you make through the drone. If you can not perceive the drone at all, you can still issue commands, but the results are unpredictable as you can not perceive the target of the command.

Lastly, if you are bio-channeled into the same device the drone is relayed into, you can choose to ghost control the drone. You lose all of your senses and become completely unaware of your current surroundings. In exchange, the following effects occur:

  • Your soul is directly placed into the drone. Devices or creatures able to detect souls or life will be able to detect this.
  • Your natural senses are replaced with any bugs attached to the drone. If duplicate bugs are placed, you can use them simultaneously.
  • You perceive as the drone indefinitely, and this effect only ends when you use an action to sever this connection, or the drone is unable to gain energy.
  • The drone gains your Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma, and all related skill modifiers and saving throws, it no longer automatically succeeds or fails on these rolls.
  • Any psychic damage is done directly to you, and not the drone.
  • If the relay between you and the drone is severed, your soul becomes stuck in the drone, and can only get out once the relay is repaired. If the drone battery runs out while you are separated from your body, you die. If your body is destroyed, your soul loses its anchor to the material plane and is also destroyed.
  • You are able to use any Ioun devices on the drone as simple object interactions.
  • The drone is now able to perform reactions.
  • Once the drones battery is empty, you can choose to keep it functional at the cost of 1 mana whenever it would require another cell of energy.
  • Whenever the drone makes a skill roll or attack roll related to fortitude or dexterity, you can expend 1 mana and give the drone a +5 bonus to the roll.

Drone Attachments

Attachments are components that can be inserted into a drone to give it functions. You can insert one attachment per port available on your drone.

Installing an attachment requires both the necessary license for the attachment and 10 minutes of labor while using mechanics tools. After an attachment has been successfully installed, any creature operating the drone can command it to use the attachment or have the drone benefit from the attachment’s functionality, if they have the appropriate licenses.

For convenience, drone attachments are broken into categories.

Mobility Attachments: Automal Arachnid Legs | Automal Flutter Wings | Automal Propeller Fins | Golemworks Bipedal Legs | Mechani HyperTreds | Mechani Responsive Wheels | Neurobuild Astral Propulsion Field | Scrypher HoverRing

Utility Attachments: GolemWorks Integration Plate | Golemworks Precision Hands | Mechani Heavy Arms | Mechani Reinforcement Support | Mechani Storage Bay | Scypher Reconnaissance Attachment | Thunderhawk Explosive Core | Zumios Battery Cache


Automal Arachnid Legs. The Automal arachnid legs are an attachment with eight hook-like legs that allow for the drone to easily walk and climb on a variety of surfaces. Once installed, the drone can stick to and climb on any surfaces, including a ceiling, without falling. Additionally, the drone ignores difficult terrain when walking or climbing with these legs. However, the surfaces it climbs or adheres to must be able to support its weight and have enough surface area to support its size.

When using its movement to get it from prone, it requires all of its movement instead of half. When the cups are wet (such as walking across a puddle or a rain-coated surface), it loses its climbing speed until the drone is manually dried, or at least 10 minutes pass.

The drone also gains the ability to use the Acrobatics and Stealth skills.

SizePrice ModifierWeightRun / Climb SpeedJump Distance
Diminutive¢ 7201/2 lb51
Tiny¢ 3602 lbs103
Small¢ 2405 lbs155
Medium¢ 36015 lbs207
Large¢ 48070 lbs2510
Huge¢ 960265 lbs3015
Gargantuan¢ 1,920750 lbs3520

Automal Flutter Wings. The Automal Flutterwings are an attachment that gives the drone a pair of wings and the ability to fly. Once installed, the drone gains a fly speed and can fly to any altitude but it cannot operate in astral space. Flying with the drone must be done with careful piloting. The drone’s flight becomes unstable when it flies near a surface or object. If the drone flies within [wing span] feet of a solid surface (such as a building, cliffs, or tree), the drone falls prone. Surfaces directly below the drone do not cause this to occur.

The drone also gains the ability to use the Acrobatics skill.

SizePrice ModifierWeightFly SpeedWing Span
Diminutive¢ 1,5601/4 lb15 feet1/2 foot
Tiny¢ 7801 lbs30 feet2 feet
Small¢ 5202 lbs45 feet5 feet
Medium¢ 7806 lbs60 feet15 feet
Large¢ 1,04020 lbs75 feet25 feet
Huge¢ 2,08070 lbs90 feet35 feet
Gargantuan¢ 4,160160 lbs105 feet45 feet

Automal Propeller Fins. The Auto Propeller Fins are an attachment with several small propellers that allow the drone to swim through liquids. Once installed, the drone gains a swim speed.

The drone also gains the ability to use the Athletics skill.

SizePrice ModifierWeightSwim Speed
Diminutive¢ 4201/4 lb15 feet
Tiny¢ 2101 lbs30 feet
Small¢ 1403 lbs45 feet
Medium¢ 2108 lbs60 feet
Large¢ 56035 lbs75 feet
Huge¢ 1,120140 lbs90 feet
Gargantuan¢ 2,240375 lbs105 feet

Golemworks Bipedal Legs. The Bipedal legs are an attachment with two legs that allow for it to easily run, jump, walk, and keep itself upright. Once installed, the drone can be commanded to sprint or to jump to clear obstacles.

The drone also gains the ability to use the Athletics and Acrobatics skills.

SizePrice ModifierWeightRun SpeedJump Distance
Diminutive¢ 5101/4 lb10 feet2 feet
Tiny¢ 2551 lbs20 feet5 feet
Small¢ 1703 lbs30 feet7 feet
Medium¢ 2558 lbs40 feet10 feet
Large¢ 34035 lbs50 feet15 feet
Huge¢ 680140 lbs60 feet20 feet
Gargantuan¢ 1,360375 lbs70 feet25 feet

Mechani HyperTreds. The Mechani HyperTreds are an attachment with two sets of continuous track treds. Once installed, the treds distribute the weight of the drone, allowing it to ignore difficult terrain when moving with these treds. Additionally, a drone standing on these treds can not be knocked prone.

The drone also gains the ability to use the Destruction and Overpower skills.

SizePrice ModifierWeightRun Speed
Diminutive¢ 6601 lb15 feet
Tiny¢ 3303 lbs30 feet
Small¢ 2209 lbs45 feet
Medium¢ 33025 lbs60 feet
Large¢ 440110 lbs75 feet
Huge¢ 880450 lbs90 feet
Gargantuan¢ 1,760950 lbs105 feet

Mechani Responsive Wheels. The Mechani Responsive Wheels are an attachment with four wheels that allow the drone to move at fast speeds. Once installed, the wheels allow the drone to use the dash action as a bonus action and the wheel’s brakes can stop the drone’s movement instantaneously. Additionally, the drones safe fall is doubled.

The drone also gains the ability to use the Stealth skill.

SizePrice ModifierWeightRun Speed
Diminutive¢ 6001/2 lb15 feet
Tiny¢ 3002 lbs30 feet
Small¢ 2007 lbs45 feet
Medium¢ 30018 lbs60 feet
Large¢ 40080 lbs75 feet
Huge¢ 800340 lbs90 feet
Gargantuan¢ 1,600750 lbs105 feet

Neurobuild Astral Propulsion Field. The Neurobuild astral propulsion field is an attachment that enables a drone to propel itself through astral space. Once installed, the drone gains a flying speed in astral space but it loses this speed when exposed to the atmosphere of a fragment, station, or astral vessel. When passing through planar anomalies, the drone becomes unstable and moves randomly until it leaves the disturbance.

SizePrice ModifierWeightFly Speed
Diminutive¢ 2,2203 lbs400 feet
Tiny¢ 1,11010 lbs350 feet
Small¢ 74025 lbs300 feet
Medium¢ 1,11075 lbs250 feet
Large¢ 1,480240 lbs200 feet
Huge¢ 2,960780 lbs150 feet
Gargantuan¢ 5,9201600 lbs100 feet

Scrypher HoverRing. The Scrypher HoverRing is an attachment that allows the drone to hover and levitate. Once installed, the drone gains a fly speed as it hovers off of the ground. The drone can reach a maximum height of [maximum height] feet. Once it reaches the maximum height it can go from the ground, the drone continues to fall a distance equal to the distance it has already fallen as it tries to stabilize. Assuming the drone is not destroyed by an impact with a surface, the drone will stabilize at its maximum height.

The drone also gains the ability to use the Stealth skill.

SizePrice ModifierWeightFly SpeedMaximum Height
Diminutive¢ 1,1401/8 lb10 feet130 feet
Tiny¢ 5701/2 lbs20 feet110 feet
Small¢ 3801 lbs30 feet90 feet
Medium¢ 5703 lbs40 feet70 feet
Large¢ 72010 lbs50 feet50 feet
Huge¢ 1,44035 lbs60 feet30 feet
Gargantuan¢ 2,88080 lbs70 feet10 feet


GolemWorks Integration Plate. An integration plate allows you to integrate a device to the drone. The device must be one that can normally be integrated into an armor. The integration slot offered by the plate is dependent on the size of the drone. If a weapon is integrated into this plate, the drone is able to perform Might and Accuracy skill rolls with the integrated weapon.

SizePrice ModifierWeightIntegration Port
Diminutive¢ –none
Tiny¢ –none
Small¢ 1101 lbs1 small
Medium¢ 1652 lbs1 normal
Large¢ 2204 lbs2 normal
Huge¢ 44010 lbs2 heavy
Gargantuan¢ 88020 lbs3 heavy

Golemworks Precision Hands. Golemworks precision hands are an attachment that gives the drone a pair of arms with dexterous hands capable of performing intricate tasks. Once installed, the drone gains the ability to perform Accuracy, Assembly, and Sleight of Hand skills with these arms.

SizePrice ModifierWeight
Diminutive¢ 1,2001/8 lb
Tiny¢ 6001/2 lbs
Small¢ 4002 lbs
Medium¢ 6004 lbs
Large¢ 80020 lbs
Huge¢ 1,60070 lbs
Gargantuan¢ 3,200180 lbs

Mechani Heavy Arms. Mechanic heavy arms are an attachment that gives the drone a pair of powerful arms that are able to apply a tremendous amount of force onto an object. Once installed the drone gains the ability to perform Destruction, Might, and Overpower skills with these arms. These arms can break devices.

SizePrice ModifierWeight
Diminutive¢ 1,3501/2 lb
Tiny¢ 6752 lbs
Small¢ 4506 lbs
Medium¢ 67512 lbs
Large¢ 90060 lbs
Huge¢ 1,800210 lbs
Gargantuan¢ 3,600540 lbs

Mechani Reinforcement Support. A Mechani reinforced support is an attachment that supports the overall strength and structure of a drone. Once installed, the drone has an increase of [carry capacity boost] to its carry capacity.

SizePrice ModifierWeightCarry Capacity Boost
Diminutive¢ 1,8301/2 lb3 lbs
Tiny¢ 9152 lbs15 lbs
Small¢ 6106 lbs65 lbs
Medium¢ 91512 lbs200 lbs
Large¢ 1,22060 lbs400 lbs
Huge¢ 2,440210 lbs700 lbs
Gargantuan¢ 4,880540 lbs2,000 lbs

Mechani Storage Bay. A storage bay is an attachment that installs a compartment inside the drone. Once installed, it allows the drone to store things within itself. The items inside the storage bay can not be heavier than the [maximum weight]. The items must also fit inside the drone and cannot be larger in volume than the drone. As an object interaction, the drone can place an object inside the storage bay or retrieve an object from it. Similarly, as an action, a drone can deposit all items from its storage, dropping it directly beneath or beside the drone.

SizePrice ModifierMaximum Weight
Diminutive¢ –
Tiny¢ 605 lbs
Small¢ 4035 lbs
Medium¢ 60100 lbs
Large¢ 80250 lbs
Huge¢ 160750 lbs
Gargantuan¢ 3202,250 lbs

Scypher Reconnaissance Attachment. A reconnaissance attachment allows you to attach bugs and sensors to a drone. The amount of bugs and sensors that can be attached is based on the drones size.

Any inserted bug or sensors remains attached to the drone for its standard duration before dissolving. However a bug’s duration doesn’t begin until the drone is turned on for the first time after their installation. The operator can also eject inserted bugs or sensors prematurely, ignoring any duration and dissolving them instantly.

A drone’s hidden value can never extend beyond the covert DC of the bugs or sensors attached to it.

SizePrice ModifierWeightAttachment Points
Diminutive¢ 2401/10 lb1
Tiny¢ 1201/2 lbs2
Small¢ 801 lbs3
Medium¢ 1202 lbs4
Large¢ 1604 lbs5
Huge¢ 32010 lbs6
Gargantuan¢ 74020 lbs7

Thunderhawk Explosive Core. An explosive core allows you to attach an explosive device to your drone. The core encases the explosive and enhances its explosive radius to all points of the drone. Any inserted charge remains inside the drone until it is triggered for denotation. You can use an action to trigger the explosive or it can be relayed from inserted bugs or sensors. The charge will also denote if the drone is destroyed.

A radius around the drone equal to the inserted explosives blast radius suffers the effects of the explosive. Any devices attached to the drone with a break value less than the damage of the explosion are destroyed alongside the drone.

SizePrice ModifierWeight
Diminutive¢ –
Tiny¢ 752 lbs
Small¢ 505 lbs
Medium¢ 7510 lbs
Large¢ 10025 lbs
Huge¢ 20080 lbs
Gargantuan¢ 400300 lbs

Zumios Battery Cache. A battery cache is an attachment that allows you to install additional batteries into your drone. These batteries are connected to the drone’s main power unit.

SizePrice ModifierWeightAdditional Batteries
Diminutive¢ –
Tiny¢ 5254 lbs3
Small¢ 35012 lbs3
Medium¢ 52530 lbs6
Large¢ 700100 lbs6
Huge¢ 1400320 lbs12
Gargantuan¢ 2800740 lbs18