Most devices and some items require a licensing for you to possess or use effectively. There are two factors that can affect item use: your training hours and your legal license status.

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Training Hours

Each license level has a number of training hours required, this is documented within the licensing table. These hours are for the specific license level and are not cumulative with previous licensing level hours.

You can gain hours towards a license level by being taught the skills needed from a creature that already possesses the license level you are studying. This requires the mentor to spend 1 hour mentoring you for each training hour you want to gain. This is typically done by attending a licensing facility that teaches the related license.

There are few schools that can teach everything, for instance, a driving academy only teaches vehicle related licenses. These classroom hours are often at specific times, based on when an instructor is available, and the cost per hour is based on the license level.

  • Level I licenses cost 5 credits an hour
  • Level II licenses cost 8 credits an hour
  • Level III licenses cost 12 credits an hour
  • Level IV licenses cost 20 credits an hour
  • Level V licenses cost 30 credits an hour

Some facilities on larger fragments may have terminals that a user can connect into and learns the course work through virtual reality, in these cases, the user learns at their own pace. These facilities often have membership fees, or are limited to academic or government use.

Once you have completed the training hours for a license, you are able to use any equipment that requires that license without penalty and allowing you to acquire a legal license.

After completing your training hours, you can apply to take a government exam and gain a legal license. The government bestows licenses to trained individuals if they are deemed competent and the license is necessary for their work or living situation. For instance, it is not uncommon for civilians in urban areas to have a weapon license for self defense, but be rejected for higher weapon licenses.

Applying for a license has a fee, this fee is detailed within the licensing table. Paying for the application fee is non-refundable, even in cases of rejection. The application process takes 3 hours and must be done at a government testing facility.

Once you have completed the application process and the corresponding exam, you will be rewarded with a license. The license does not have an expiration date and is added to your identification. A license allows you to legally purchase, possess, and operate any equipment that falls under that license.

Illegal Operation

You can choose to forgo acquiring a legal license and operate any equipment you have the training for. However, using equipment without a legal license is illegal and can result in fines, imprisonment, or even death depending on the severity of the license.

Similarly, accredited institutions will not teach you a license level if you do not have a prerequisite license legally, or would not qualify for the license test. For example, a school will not teach you the training hours necessary for Technical License II, if you lack Technical License I. Additionally, they would not teach you Weapon License III, even if you have Weapon License II, if it is obvious that the government would not approve you for the license.

Licensing Table

The below table outlines the hours required for each licensing level in addition to the application cost.

Weapons IWC – I150 ¢30 hours
Weapons IIWC – II250 ¢50 hours
Weapons IIIWC – III400 ¢80 hours
Weapons IVWC – IV600 ¢120 hours
Weapons VWC – V850 ¢180 hours
Armors IAL – I150 ¢30 hours
Armors IIAL – II250 ¢50 hours
Armors IIIAL – III400 ¢80 hours
Armors IVAL – IV600 ¢120 hours
Bio Integration IBI – I100 ¢20 hours
Bio Integration IIBI – II175 ¢30 hours
Bio Integration IIIBI – III375 ¢60 hours
Bio Integration IVBI – IV700 ¢90 hours
MAGI IMG – I175 ¢45 hours
MAGI IIMG – II500 ¢100 hours
Construct ICO – I225 ¢30 hours
Construct IICO – II725 ¢80 hours
Construct IIICO – III2,250 ¢250 hours
Explosives IEX – I175 ¢30 hours
Explosives IIEX – II425 ¢55 hours
Explosives IIIEX – III950 ¢110 hours
Medical IMD – I175 ¢30 hours
Medical IIMD – II350 ¢45 hours
Medical IIIMD – III1,000 ¢110 hours
Phasing IPH – I400 ¢70 hours
Phasing IIPH – II950 ¢130 hours
Phasing IIIPH – III1,950 ¢350 hours
Poison IPS – I100 ¢30 hours
Poison IIPS – II275 ¢40 hours
Poison IIIPS – III650 ¢80 hours
Reconnaissance IRE – I75 ¢15 hours
Reconnaissance IIRE – II175 ¢30 hours
Reconnaissance IIIRE – III425 ¢60 hours
Stealth ISL – I150 ¢25 hours
Stealth IISL – II325 ¢45 hours
Stealth IIISL – III700 ¢75 hours
Technical ITC – I125 ¢20 hours
Technical IITC – II300 ¢40 hours
Technical IIITC – III725 ¢70 hours
Vehicle – Astral IVA – I250 ¢40 hours
Vehicle – Astral IIVA – II425 ¢60 hours
Vehicle – Astral IIIVA – III775 ¢100 hours
Vehicle – Fragment IVF – I125 ¢30 hours
Vehicle – Fragment IIVF – II250 ¢45 hours
Vehicle – Fragment IIIVF – III425 ¢60 hours