This is the part of Half-Cover that stores content intended for homebrewed content, and as such you will need the approval of your DM before you use it for your character. If your DM refuses, you should probably act like an adult by insulting them and storming out. Clearly, they are bad at this game.

In response to recent and important changes to Half-Cover, please refrain from posting any advertisements for horse stabling services here.


From elves to lizard people, no one is born equal. You can get a headstart with the right race selection. This section hosts a variety of reworked and hombrewed races for players to use. View Races


Hierarchies are everywhere, so might as well pick a good class. From fighters to wizards, the lower you go the harder life becomes. This section hosts various class options for player characters. View Classes


Specialization is the spice of life, and character tropes, the meal. Become a unique individual and follow the path less travelled. You will find many custom archetypes for both core, reworked, and homebrewed classes within this section. View Archetypes


Have you considered customizing your gameplay? FeatsTM allow you to provide your character exciting and fun* features, guaranteed! Check out this section for an assortment of homebrewed and reworked FeatsTM (a limited time offer, no money back). View Feats

*exciting and fun are relative terms and are at the discretion of your local FeatsTM salesman.


Spells are like TV, you have over 400 choices, but you still want more since there is nothing fun to cast. Players can find many interesting spells within this section to choose for their characters. View Spells


From the rich, tutored prince to the abused, orphaned runt, everyone gets equal mechanical benefits in life (somehow). This section hosts new backgrounds for a player to use for the foundation of their characters. View Backgrounds


No one wants to die a happy, content death. Let your players die in style with new and exciting ways to be killed. This section will have many new monsters of all types but will also contain stat blocks for common folk or detailed characters. View Monsters


Players like things that do things which other things don’t do. From potions to not-potions, players will acknowledge the existence of these things in your game. You will find all wonderous or otherwise magical items within this section. View Treasures


Rules are the foundation of the world, and fortunately you do not need any permits to perform renovations. Feel free to topple load-bearing walls and change the face of your game. This section provides new and reworked mechanical systems or rules that can be used for your games. View Rules