The Kingdom of Man’s military is centralized around one essential task: the continuation of the Kingdom. It does this by guarding against domestic and foreign threats through the use both of intelligence and armed force.

There are two primary military branches in the Kingdom: the Unity Corps and the Astral Corps. These corps are focused primarily on large scale problems, often internal ones. Both Corps are full of marines, who are trained in boot camps and live their days as typical soldiers for the crown. For this reason, these two branches are referred to as the “core military”. However it wouldn’t be unusually for someone to imply only these two units when the term “military” is used informally.

Aside from the corps, there is also two speciality branches of the military: the Vanguard and the Inquisitors. These factions work quite differently than the core military, and are each explained in details below. While these factions are part of the largery military, it is very common for them to be separated out in both official documents and speech (“The military including the Vanguard”). This is primarily due to the specialty nature of these branches and the very small size compared to other branches in comparison.

Regardless of branch, members of the military can and do work together on missions to accomplish a major operation.

Unity Corps

The Unity Corps is the largest faction of the military. It is responsible for maintaining unity and order across the Kingdom. Marines in the Unity Corps are dispatched as landing parties to fragments during times of emergency including disease outbreaks, riots, terrorist attacks, cult uprisings, or natural disasters. Regardless of their mission, Unity Corps are expected to help the central government’s assert control over the fragment even if that means brutally repressing civilian revolts, removing a fragment’s lord, or purging an entire fragment of inhabitants.

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Astral Corps

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The Vanguard

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The Templar

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The Inquisition

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