About Me

I am a professional writing consultant and freelance copy editor who loves history, creative writing, and tabletop roleplaying. I also volunteer at a local museum to help with collections and curation.

For these reason, I am known for my love of character development and roleplay settings that reference historical events. As a point of pride, I love adapting elements of ancient, classical, and medieval cultures from around the world into my roleplays to make the world feel grounded and real.

For years I have worked with Jeremiah on roleplays, custom settings, D&D home-brew materials, and even whole stand-alone tabletop systems. Admittedly, because he was my first Dungeon Master, many of my beliefs on DMing are based on his personal style. However, that doesn’t mean we agree on everythingespecially when you throw Christopher’s opinions in the mix.

My main role as an Editor on Half-Cover is to review any submissions and provide recommendations to the editorial board. Obviously, because of my writing-intensive background, I review submissions for their writing style, ensuring that the content inside a submission is legible, clear, and coherent. I also have a special focus on blog submissions making sure that all blogs match our editorial standards. That being said, I am far from perfect, so if you do find any glaring errors, always report them.

Lastly, due to my love of collaboration and my editing abilities, I am often a co-author in many projects and submissions. It is common for me to help write-out various submissions for other authors. Therefore, I try to limit my co-author credit to only works that I have been directly involved in since the idea creation process.

Location: Florida, United States Age: 23
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My Alignment: Neutral Good Favorite Monster: Wraith Favorite Class: Rogue