You have studied deeply into a discipline of illusion, trickery, and manipulation. Many savants who have a keen interest with this discipline are ones who walk a path of low morality. Often, but not always, these savants become criminals, outlaws, and tricksters. This disicpline will teach you the magics needed to turn your foes attacks back onto them, cheat your way out of danger, or even identify the trickery of another.

Pain split Level: 3

At 3rd level, your study into the arcane arts of distortion allows you to warp the reality of pain and suffering. When you take damage from an attack, you may use your reaction to reduce the damage you take in half. If you choose to do so, the attacking creature takes force damage equal to half the damage you took.

When using this feature, you can choose to amplify the effect by having the attacking creature take damage equal to the damage you took, instead of half. You must finish a long rest before you can choose to amplify this feature again. At 10th level, you can amplify this feature twice between long rests, and three times at 17th level.

Distortion Sense Level: 6

At 6th level, your knowledge of illusions is greatly improved. You gain advantage on any Intelligence (Investigation) skill rolls to detect illusion magic, such as false visions or sounds.

Warp Step Level: 10

At 10th level, your ability to distort your location allows you to travel in ways no others can. Whenever you take the dash action, you may teleport up to half of your movement, instead of gaining additional movement for the turn. You must teleport into an unoccupied space.

Distortion Level: 17

At 17th level, you have learned to create an illusory duplicate of yourself that makes you appear to be standing near your actual location, but always slightly off. All attack rolls are made with disadvantage against you.

If you are hit by an attack, this feature becomes disrupted and no longer imposes disadvantage on attack rolls until the end of your next turn. This trait is also disrupted while you are incapacitated, or have a movement speed of 0.


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