Sixth Sense Level: 3

At 3rd level, your study into the arcane arts of prediction enables you the foresight to expect the unexpected. When a creature makes an attack roll against you, you may use your reaction to impose disadvantage on the attack roll, as you are able to predict the attack before it’s made.

When using this feature, you can choose to amplify the effect by causing the attack roll to miss, regardless of what is rolled. You must finish a long rest before you can choose to amplify this feature again. At 10th level, you can amplify this feature twice between long rests, and three times at 17th level.

Object Sense Level: 6

Beginning at 6th level, your understanding of divination magic allows you to better learn the effects and properties of magical objects. You can attempt to cast the Identify spell at will without expending any material components or requiring any spell slots.

See the Path Level: 10

At 10th level, you are able to accurately predict your path, and make adjustments if an undesired outcome arises.

Before you move on your turn, you may manifest a vision of yourself in your current location. This vision of your future self can move up to your remaining movement speed directly after it is manifested, and vanishes immediately after you perform any actions, bonus actions, or movement. The vision has all of the same features that you do.

Other creatures can react to the vision as if it was you, and your vision is affected by the terrain in the same way you would be.

If you choose to follow the same path that your vision took, you move in the exact same way that your vision did. All damage received by your vision would be applied to you in the same order and at the same times that you vision took the damage.

If you choose any other path, you are free to perform any actions, bonus actions, or movements you choose to. In this situation the state of the combat is returned to just before your vision moved, including all creatures reactions, or the terrain state.

You may only use this feature three times per short rest.

Mental Guard Level: 17

At 17th level, you seem to always know what is about to happen before anyone else. As long as you are not wielding a shield or using any medium or heavy armor, you can add your Intelligence modifier to your armor class.


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