Potion (Vapor) uncommon

This glass sphere contains a frigid mist in the shape of a rotating snowflake, and has ice crystals forming around its surface. When this glass sphere is thrown, dropped, or somehow broken, the vapor from within explodes out to cover a 20 foot radius area. The areas temperature is reduced to 0 degrees fahrenheit, all still water in the area is instantly frozen and becomes difficult terrain. A creature that begins its turn within the vapor or enters the vapor for the first time on its turn must succeed a DC12 Constitution shaving throw. On a failed save the creature drops all items it is currently holding, and is unable to make object interactions until the beginning of its next turn.

The vapor lasts for 1 minute or until dispersed by a strong wind. If the ambient temperature is over 70 degrees then the vapor will naturally disperse after 30 seconds (five rounds). Finally, if the ambient temperature is over 100 degrees then the vapor disperses at the beginning of the user’s next turn.


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