Delay Damage Level: 3

At 3rd level, your study into the arcane arts of absorption allows you to absorb incoming damage in order to better mitigate and manage with it. Whenever you take damage, you may use your reaction to instead take no damage. If you choose to do so, an equal amount of damage is transferred into a magical black thread referred to as your fate.

At the beginning of your turn, your fate begins to burn away, reducing the damage stored in the your fate by half and causing you to take necrotic damage equal to the damage removed from the your fate this turn. This damage can not be reduced or prevented in any way.

At the beginning of your turn but before your fate begins to burn, you may choose to cut the black thread and reduce the damage store within it by half. Once you cut your fate, you must finish a long rest before you can do so again. At 10th level, you can cut your fate twice between long rests, and three times at 17th level.

Repel Blight Level: 6

Beginning at 6th level, your understanding of abjuration magic can keep you safe from dangerous substances. You gain advantage on any saving throw caused from ingested, inhaled, or contact poisons, as well as any spoiled or enchanted food. You instantly know that the object or substance has been tampered with, whether you succeed on your saving throw or not.

Store Motion Level: 10

At 10th level, you are able to absorb and store energy that you have forgone, to use it later. At the end of your turn if you did not move, your movement is increased by 15. This effect remains until the end of your next turn.

Perfect Resistance` Level: 17

At 17th level, you are able to mitigate an effect that would normally leave you crippled and helpless. You gain a ward that appears on your chest which protects you. Whenever you fail a saving throw, you can choose to succeed instead. If you do so, the ward begins to crack. If you use this feature while your ward is cracked, it shatters. The ward regenerates over time, returning to its complete state at the end of a long rest.


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