Force Shield Level: 3

At 3rd level, your study into the arcane arts of adaption enables you to react quickly and with potency. Whenever you are hit by an attack, you can use your reaction to lay a barrier of thick arcane energy across your skin, reducing the damage you take from the attack by 1d8 + your Intelligence modifier.

When using this feature, you can choose to amplify the effect if the attack was a melee attack. When you amplify this effect, the barrier flares outwards at the attacking creature, forcing the attacking creature to succeed a Strength saving throw (DC equal to your Innovation save DC). On a failed saving throw, the attacking creature is knocked prone, and any items held by the creature are disarmed and thrown 30 feet directly away from you. You must finish a long rest before you can choose to amplify this feature again. At 10th level, you can amplify this feature twice between long rests, and three times at 17th level.

Acclimated Body Level: 6

Beginning at 6th level, your understanding of transmutation magic allows you to survive in conditions that few others could. You can tolerate temperatures as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit, or as high as 150 degrees Fahrenheit without any additional protection. As well, you can hold your breath indefinitely while you’re not incapacitated

Adaptive Form Level: 10

At 10th level, you are able to manipulate yourself to adapt into your surroundings while on the move, giving you the following features:

  • At the beginning of your turn, swimming no longer costs you additional movement if you are swimming.
  • At the beginning of your turn, climbing no longer costs you additional movement if you are climbing.
  • At the beginning of your turn, crawling no longer costs you additional movement if you are prone.

These effects last until the beginning of your next turn.

Adaptive Skin Level: 17

At 17th level, you are always shrouded with a rainbow glimmer of arcane magic, protecting you from the world. You gain resistance to Force damage. After you take damage, you may choose to replace your current damage resist provided by the feature with the last type of damage you took. If you took more than 1 damage type simultaneously, you choose which damage type to take.


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