Potion (Oil) very rare

This oil has a golden-orange shimmer to it, and as the bottle is tipped, swirled, or otherwise moved, the oil remains stationary and unmoving. The oil can cover a Large or smaller object or a Medium or smaller creature that is either willing or incapacitated (one additional vial is required for each size category above Medium for a creature or Large for an object). Once applied, the affected creature or object enters a timeless stasis.

An affected creature becomes incapacitated and loses all awareness of their surroundings. The creature mentally becomes suspended in time, is not aware of time’s passage, and does not dream. As long as the oil remains undisturbed on the creature or object, it ignores the effects of time passing such as aging. This does not end a condition, curse, or disease, but stops the effects of it until the oil is removed.

This oil can be removed as an action, and doing so will end the effect. However, if the oil is applied and left to run its own course, it can last anywhere from 1 to 500 years depending on the environment the covered object or creature is within.


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