You have become incredible swift on your feat, and have learned how to carry the moment of your movement into your weapon attacks, you gain the following benefits:

  • When you use your action to Dash, you can use a bonus action to make one melee weapon attack.
  • If you move at least 20 feet straight toward a creature and then hit it with a melee weapon attack on the same turn, you either gain a +5 bonus to the attack’s damage roll, or push the target up to 10 feet away from you.

There are two main differences between this feat and the original feat: The distance required is increased by 10 feet to 20 feet and the bonus effect is no longer tied to the bonus action attack, while having both effects tied to an attack, instead of an attack or shove.

By removing the reliance on the bonus action attack when you dash in order to gain the bonus, the feat becomes more usable once you gain multi-attack, as it was too niche before after 5th level for most characters. In order to balance this, the distance required is increased to 20 feet, making it difficult to make use of the bonus more than once a turn since it must be a straight line. Further, a character would likely trigger many opportunity attacks to make use of this more than once in a while.


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Best Fix I’ve Seen!Works very well without overcomplicating the feat, and adds a flavorful combat tactic for any character to use. Feels fun.

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